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Wayside School is the main setting of the Wayside School series. The school, although intended to be built one story tall with thirty rooms across, the builders accidentally held the blueprints sideways, and the school ended up being thirty stories tall with one room on each floor. They also forgot the nineteenth story. The builders said they were very sorry. The children, however, don't seem to mind, since they have a very large playground because of it.


In March, 1977, it was ordered that the town of Elkberry, Wyoming would have a new elementary school built to accommodate for the town's growing population. Construction began on April, though due to a mistake with the blueprints, the school started being built vertically instead of horizontally. The builders didn't realize this mistake until they were already finished with the twenty-third story, and since they didn't wish to destroy all of what they had finished, they simply kept building upwards until they finished the thirtieth story. On January 1st, 1978, the school opened. Ten of the rooms were classrooms (respectively, the fifth, sixth, eighth, ninth, eleventh, thirteenth, seventeenth, twentieth, twenty-third, and thirtieth), while the other twenty were used for other purposes. The large lot that the school was going to be used for eventually became the school's playground.


  1. The school lobby. Contains the bathrooms and the principal's office.
  2. Contains the school ballroom.
  3. Contains the auditorium.
  4. Contains the counselor's office.
  5. Miss Melody's classroom.
  6. Mrs. Duncan's classroom.
  7. Contains the library.
  8. Mrs. Mazzo's classroom.
  9. Mrs. Watterson's room.
  10. Contains the gymnasium.
  11. Ms. Blaugha's classroom.
  12. Contains the teachers' lounge.
  13. Mr. Osteo's classroom.
  14. Contains the janitor closet.
  15. Contains the cafeteria.
  16. Contains the kitchen.
  17. Mr. Altanzo's classroom. Built unusually short.
  18. Contains the Special Ed room.
  19. Miss Zarves's classroom. Doesn't actually exist.
  20. Prof. Prefect's classroom.
  21. Contains the conference room.
  22. Contains the music room.
  23. Mr. Murray's classroom.
  24. Contains the computer lab.
  25. Contains the ESL room.
  26. Contains the swimming pool.
  27. Contains the nurse's office.
  28. Contains the art room.
  29. Contains the gifted classroom.
  30. Mrs. Jewls's classroom.


  • It is the tallest building in all of Elkberry.
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