Sharie Sakurai
Sharie Sakurai
Artwork of Sharie.
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Age: 9-10
Birthday: January 22nd
Personal Information
  Benjamin Nushmutt, Rondi Allie, Allison Xiaoying, Jenny Jenkins
Randy Sakurai
Yorpet (turtle)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Mark Miller"
Sharie Sakurai is a main character in Wayside School. She is a girl who frequently falls asleep in class. Despite this, she recieves praise from Mrs. Jewls, who believes she learns best that way. Sharie, when awake, often is seen doing strange things, such as bringing in a hobo for show and tell. She has many good friends, but doesn't interact with them too often. However, she can get pretty excited when it comes to helping them out. Sharie is typically a more quiet student, partially due to her mild-mannered personality, partially because she sleeps so much.


Sharie is usually pretty quiet and mild-mannered, mostly because she is asleep pretty often. However, when she gets excited, she can get really excited, as seen in a few instances. It is suggested she lives an interesting life on many instances, such as the trophy wall seen in "Big Ben", but when at school, she typically tries to be more calm and serene. Mrs. Jewls believes she is one of the best students in class, since she is rarely disruptive, and seems to learn in her sleep.

Sharie also seems to behave strangely on some instances, such as the time she brought in a hobo for show and tell in "Hobo and Tell", and her behaviors seen in episodes like "Sharie's Jacket" and "The Science Unfair". Often, she doesn't seem to notice that others believe she is strange, and feels as if she is in her own world. She has difficulty staying awake, first showcased in "Little Red Sleeping Hood", and while Mrs. Jewls approves of this, often, it does get her in some troubles.


Sharie is a girl with very pale skin and long eyelashes. She is pretty small, though she often is seen wearing a large, blue and red hoodie with a big green sweater underneath. She wears a purple skirt that matches her large, purple boots, and striped black and white leggings. On the back of her hood is a small, red patch. Her hair is long and black, with all the golden stars Mrs. Jewls gives her inside.

Episodes focusing on Sharie

There are eight episodes with Sharie in the main focus.


  • She represents the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come in "A Kathy Carol".
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