Leslie Harriet
Leslie Harriet
Artwork of Leslie
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Age: 9-10
Birthday: May 24th
Personal Information
  Paul D'cruze (sometimes), Bebe Gunn, Sharie Sakurai
  Paul D'cruze (sometimes), Sammy, Kathy King
Pajamas (cat)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Mark Miller"
Leslie Harriet is a supporting character in Wayside School. She is a girl with very long pigtails that often get pulled by Paul. She is a fairly clever and intelligent person, though often she ends up taking some phrases literally, which lead to confusion. She is pretty optimistic and friendly, though she can get fed up with the behaviors of other students' behaviors.


Leslie is often recognized for her long, black pigtails, which have lead to them often being pulled by Paul, who sits right behind her. However, since she is also fairly clever and intelligent, she often finds ways to make it so he gets in more trouble when he does so. When people aren't bothering her, she can be a pretty nice student with a positive outlook on the future. She is slightly tomboyish in her behavior, though, not as much as a student like Joy. She has a tendency to end up taking things more literally, which can often lead to a few troubles, but overall, she is usually the voice of reason.


Leslie's most noticable feature are her long black pigtails that reach down to her waist. The rest of her hair is arranged in cornrows. She wears a large, red hoodie and black pants. Her shoes are a greyish-blue, with dark blue laces.

Episodes focusing on Leslie

Currently, only one episode focuses on Leslie.


  • Leslie's pigtails were described as being brown in the books, but in the show, they are black.
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