Jennifer Jenkins
Jenny Jenkins
Artwork of Jenny.
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Black
Age: 9-10
Birthday: November 24th
Personal Information
  Sharie Sakurai, Maurecia Millers, Joy Graceworthy, Sue Lawyer, Benjamin Nushmutt, Mac Nanson, Eric Fry, Todd Thompson, Dana Doles, Leslie Harriet
  Kathy King
Jesse Jenkins
What (dog)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Mark Miller"
Jennifer Jenkins (usually just Jenny) is a main character in Wayside School. She is an over-achiever who is often looked upon highly by some of the other students. Since she always has to finish drinking prune juice before going to school, she is often late to class. Often, she will get information from Todd, who is always on time, and in return, she gives information to him, since he always is sent home early. Often, she gets to school on the back of her father's motorcycle, though she has taken the time to let this inspire her to make the most out of life.


Jenny, above all things, is a bit of an over-achiever. Often, she will be seen as one of the coolest kids in class, and constantly, she is trying to keep that title. However, despite being a bit of a braggart, she is also fairly brave, and good at thinking of solutions to many problems. Due to being such a hard worker, it is quite possible her fame comes from these desirable traits, which leads to a boasted ego. An entire episode, in fact, entitled "Wyomingite Idol" showcases this, where constantly, she tries to be better and better for the kindergarteners, only to realize that even she has a limit with what she can do. Despite being brave, she can be shown to be fearful towards the unknown, as seen in "The Men With the Attaché Case".


Jenny is a girl with fabulous blonde hair, usually hidden by a large, white motorcycle helmet with red and blue stripes. She wears a large grey hoodie with the word "WAYSIDE" printed on it, and brown cargo pants. Her sneakers are a dark blue. She has white skin with a few freckles.

Episodes focusing on Jenny

There are six episodes focusing on Jenny.


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