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Eric Ovens
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Gender: Male
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Black
Age: 9-10
Birthday: September 30
Personal Information
  Crabapple (Mrs. Jewls's class)

Micro-Oven (Jenny)

  Eric Fry, Eric Bacon
Billy (cat)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Mark Miller"

Eric Ovens is a major character in Wayside School. He is a member of the Three Erics, and typically can be seen as the outcast of the group. He is the friendliest of the Erics, but due to the negative behaviour of the other two, typically people believe Eric Ovens is also a jerk as well, and they nickname him "Crabapple". Despite how differently he acts, his best friends are still Eric Fry and Eric Bacon.


Of the Three Erics, Ovens is typically the most friendly of them. He is unprejudiced, and always has something nice to say. However, often, due to the negative views of Eric Fry and Eric Bacon, they assume Eric Ovens is a jerk as well and call him "Crabapple". He often even seems to be the outcast of his own group, most likely because he hasn't been a member as long (he only started attending Wayside during the third grade). He is a bit naive and curious, and often knows a bit less than the other two Erics do, but he is the best when it comes to friendliness. He is shown to be awfully worrisome, in comparison to the others, and often worries when any member of their trio is in trouble. Eric Ovens, however, usually tries to keep a positive attitude, which helps him have a better outlook on life than Fry or Bacon.


Eric Ovens is the shortest of the Three Erics, and he is fairly fat as well, though not to the extent of Eric Fry. He is likely, in fact, one of the smallest students in the class. He has blond hair arranged in a bowl cut, and a few freckles on his chubby face. He, similar to the other Erics, wears a blue polo and khakis with nice brown shoes that have yellow soles and laces. He has a red cat symbol on his polo to reflect his pet cat.

Episodes focusing on Eric Ovens

There are currently three episodes focusing on Eric Ovens.

  • "Sammy" (B-plot)
  • "Eric, Eric, and Eric"
  • "Alas, Poor Eric!"