Eric Fry
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Gender: Male
Hair color: Cinnamon brown
Eye color: Black
Age: 10
Birthday: September 28th
Personal Information
  Butterfingers (Mrs. Jewls's class)

Large Fry (Jenny)

  Eric Bacon, Eric Ovens
Billy (goat)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Mark Miller"
Eric Fry is a major character in Wayside School. He acts somewhat of the leader of the Three Erics, which is most likely the best choice, since Eric Bacon is much more self-centered and vain, while Eric Ovens usually isn't the best at handling major tasks. He is a very athletic student, though rarely do the other students seem to notice his talents since Eric Bacon and Eric Ovens are both fairly inathletic. Added with the one time he messed up catching the ball, he has recieved the unfortunate nickname "Butterfingers".


Of the Three Erics, Eric Fry usually seems to be the most stable, since Eric Bacon rarely cares about others' concerns, and Eric Ovens is much more emotional. Eric Fry is fairly helpful and usually can come up with practical solutions fairly quickly, though he often also lacks good attitude. He is easily the most grumpy of the Three Erics, and often this can also lead to some problems in the group. Fry can be easily annoyed, especially since his amazing athletic talents go unrecognized. Due to this, he often requires support from the other two Erics, who typically have a more positive outlook.


Eric Fry is one of the largest students in the class. He is pretty tall and pretty fat, though his height is beat by a few others, notably Terrence and Allison. Similar to the other two Erics, he wears a blue polo and khakis, with brown sneakers that have yellow soles and laces. He has messy, cinnamon brown hair, which contrasts the other two Erics, who have more well-trimmed hair. There is a red goat symbol on his shirt, reflecting his pet goat Billy.

Episodes focusing on Eric Fry

There are currently three episodes focusing on Eric Fry.


  • While Eric Fry shares major roles with the other two Erics in certain episodes, he is currently the only one not to have the main focus, since "Eric, Eric, and Eric" mostly focuses on Eric Bacon, while "Alas, Poor Eric!" mostly focuses on Eric Ovens.
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