Eric Bacon
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Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Age: 10
Birthday: September 29th
Personal Information
  Fatso (Mrs. Jewls's class)

Bacon Bits (Jenny)

  Eric Fry, Eric Ovens
4 older sisters
Billy (dog)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Mark Miller"
Eric Bacon is a major character in Wayside School. He is a member of the Three Erics, and is typically seen as being between Eric Fry and Eric Ovens in terms of importance. In comparison to the other two, he is much more self-centered and cynical, and typically, he acts a bit more like a prankster, often being the most immature and silly of the three. Despite that, on numerous occasions, it is shown that Eric Bacon is pretty smart, perhaps even surpassing the other two, though often he just uses it for his clever schemes.


Eric Bacon, as said above, is a pretty self-centered character. This can be observed in the episode "Eric, Eric, and Eric", where he just combs his hair when he looks deep into Principal Kidswatter's mirror sunglasses. Eric typically is a bit of a prankster, and often, he just uses it as part of his schemes. He is a very mischievous student, and often is the cause of the Erics gaining a reputation of being pranksters. He is often one to notice things before others, and is a fairly intelligent student, though usually he just tries to breeze through assignments. For an odd reason, everyone thinks he is fat, mostly because Eric Fry and Eric Ovens are both fat. He is truly one of the most skinny students in class, but since Eric and Eric are fat, they assume Eric is fat as well.


Eric Bacon is a very skinny boy with dark skin and thick glasses. He has well-trimmed hair, though unlike Eric Fry or Eric Ovens, his hair flows upwards. He, similar to the other two Erics, wears a blue polo and khakis, with nice brown shoes with yellow soles and laces. He has a dog symbol on his polo. His height is fairly average, if not on the short side, being shorter than Fry, but taller than Ovens.

Episodes focusing on Eric Bacon

There are three episodes focusing on Eric Bacon.


  • While in the books, he seemed to be the shortest, here he is made taller than Eric Ovens. However, the height difference is not incredibly significant.
  • He, alongside the other two Erics and Ron is one of the few major or supporting characters to have multiple major roles in Season 1, but no major roles in Season 2.
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