Benjamin Nushmutt
Benjamin Nushmutt
Artwork of Benjamin
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Black
Age: 9-10
Birthday: February 28th
Personal Information
  Mark Miller
  John, Jenny, Sharie
David Nushmutt
Handsome (mouse)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Mark Miller"
Benjamin Nushmutt is the main character of Wayside School. He is a young boy who recently moved to Elkberry from his old home in Hempleton. He ended up being sent to the offbeat Wayside School - a thirty story tall building with unorthodox learning methods. He was surprised when he found out that all of the other students actually believed his name was Mark Miller, though he wasn't assertive enough to tell them otherwise.

Benjamin is awfully worrisome and pessimistic, though he has been adapting to his life at the new school more recently. He has made a few good friends included John White, an intelligent kid who is completely upside-down due to an incident in kindergarten, Jenny Jenkins, an over-achiever who is usually late to school, often having to take her dad's motorcycle instead, and Sharie Sakurai, a small girl with eccentric behaviors who usually falls asleep in class.


Benjamin is a rather worrisome and pessimistic student, often worrying about the bad things that could happen. He is often pretty shy, and has a little bit of trouble making friends, though he has established a few good friends over his course at Wayside. He is pretty timid, as it took him a lot of courage just to reveal his name wasn't actually Mark Miller. However, as he adapts more to his new home, he seems to enjoy it more, and eventually, he feels glad to be in a class where no one is weird since no one is normal.

For a long time, he often believed that many of his desirable traits were part of his ego as Mark Miller, such as being a good student, being fairly athletic, and often getting attention from others. However, he feels glad when he realizes that people still believe these things even after they find out his real name.


Benjamin is a boy who is a little bit short and a little bit fat. He has curly, dark brown hair and brown skin with many freckles. He wears a large red wooly sweater and blue jeans. He has brown shoes with yellow soles and laces. Occasionally, he is teased for being more short, as seen in "Big Ben".

Episodes focusing on Benjamin

There are 11 episodes focusing on Benjamin.


  • Benjamin, although being the main character in the show, wasn't introduced in the books until Wayside School is Falling Down.
  • He wasn't in 2007's Wayside, nor the pilot for the show.
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