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Bebe Gunn
Bebe Gunn.png
Artwork of Bebe
Gender: Female
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Black
Age: 9-10
Birthday: November 23
Personal Information
  Calvin Hobbes, Benjamin Nushmutt
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Mark Miller"

Bebe Gunn is a major character in Wayside School. She is a fairly energetic girl who is often noticed for her masterful art skills. Often, she and her best friend, Calvin will end up drawing several quick sketches, believing they are making more art based on quantity rather than quality. She is fairly mischievous, and on numerous occasions has been caught leaving rude comments on the back of her papers. Up until recently, she blamed it on her brother Ray, as seen in "Bebe's Baby Brother", but he doesn't exist. However, Mrs. Jewls still respects her, citing that she has a "wonderful imagination".


Bebe is a pretty energetic student, and often enjoys talking with her friends, mainly Calvin and Benjamin. She is often recognized with how well she can draw, which leads to her being a slight braggart. Most people wish they had Bebe's imagination, even though on a few occasions she has let it get the best of her, leading to her teasing a few people, including her own teacher ("Bebe's Baby Brother"). She seems to occasionally be oblivious to her own comments, likely since she often stays up past midnight. Mrs. Jewls, however, seemed to fall for her excuses, and gave her Tootsie Roll Pops because of it. Bebe is fairly clever, often finding tactics to gain respect, even when others are having trouble trusting her.


Bebe is a fairly tall girl with tan skin, and curly, dark brown hair. She wears a magenta beret alongside a magenta and blue scarf. She has a large black sweater, and a bag that contains all of her art supplies. She wears a long, purple skirt, and small black shoes, that protect her totally tiny toes.

Episodes focusing on Bebe

  • "Bebe's Baby Brother"


  • Her name is a pun on "B.B. Gun".
  • She is able to speak three languages, being English, Spanish, and Basque. She has also spoken Italian in one instance, when everyones' voices were trying to find their owners.