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Allison Xiaoying
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Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Species: Human
Age: 9-10
Birthday: February 14
Personal Information
  Rondi Allie, Sharie Sakurai
  Jason Neil
Socks (cat)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Mark Miller"

Allison Xiaoying is a major character in Wayside School. She is Rondi's best friend, as well as the person who knocked out her front teeth. Allison, while helpful and supportive, can also be agressive and superior.


Allison's main traits often switch between being friendly and helpful and agressive and superior. Often, her superior side even extends to her friends, such as Rondi, shown by how she knocked out Rondi's front teeth, and frequently acts superior to her. Rondi doesn't seem to mind much, though, since they still end up getting along in the end. Allison enjoys peace and quiet, and often goes to class five minutes before everyone else, to make sure the stairs aren't too crowded. Although often superior, she often also tries to be nice to others, which can help her make friends.


Allison is a girl with long, black hair, and tan skin. She wears glasses with oval-shaped lenses around her eyes, and a white shirt with a dark blue jean jacket. She wears a large, bright blue skirt, and magenta boots. After "A Wonderful Teacher", her appearance changes ever-so slightly, with her hair now flowing the other way, her color palette being slightly paler, and her jean jacket having a small tear.

Episodes focusing on Allison

There are currently 2 episodes focusing on Allison.

  • "A Wonderful Teacher"
  • "The Wayside Awards"


  • Allison can play bassoon, and nothing else. ("Marching On")